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"I like my streets safe, and my housing for everybody."
Addison Winslow for District 4


More Housing

We need a concerted effort to lower the cost of living in Chico, most importantly by creating decent, sustainable housing for all. I’ll fight for the City government to:

  • Acquire and dedicate land for affordable housing 

  • Change restrictive regulations like zoning and parking minimums

  • Direct disaster relief funds for housing and infrastructure into walkable and transit-oriented communities

Less Sprawl

Chico cannot build out like it’s the 1950s anymore. 

  • Require smart growth in new subdivisions: new development must support walkability and public transit

  • Reinforce the Green Line and create a “Gold Line” as a permanent firebreak prohibiting further encroachment into the foothills. 

  • No on “Valley’s Edge” – we need to build for all Chicoans, not just the 1%.  

Better Neighborhoods

  • All neighborhood streets should prioritize people over cars – our streets should be safe, abundantly forested, and inviting of social life. 

  • Promote and finance institutions of economic democracy like workers’ cooperatives, housing cooperatives, and community land trusts that strengthen the local economy, create good jobs, and put the people of Chico in charge.

  • Restore the City’s Housing and Neighborhood Services Department in order to follow through on Chico’s community plans, revamp neighborhood associations, and empower community members to make decisions about the future of their neighborhoods. 

  • Legalize street vending and mixed-use development in our City. Chicoans should be able to wake up in their affordable condominium, walk downstairs to grab coffee in the corner market, and walk to their favorite breakfast joint. Let’s promote a Chico where we can.

  • Support stability for renters by universalizing Just Cause eviction protection, implementing a rental registry to track rents and monitor for abuses, and guaranteeing all tenant’s Right of First Refusal should a property owner wish to sell the house they are living in. 

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