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"If you walk around the right parts in Chico, you might find Addison Winslow coming into your neighborhood, knocking on your door and asking if you are interested in starting a union with your neighbors.

"The Union? A renters union against housing harassment practices, preventing renters from harassing their tenants in ways that may be legal, but not ethical.

“'If one person stands up themselves, then they can be singled out, they can be thrown out and it could ruin your life,' said Winslow. 'But, if people unionize, just like unions in a workplace operate against their boss, people could unionize against their landlords.'

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From left to right: Candidates for City Council Jesica Giannola - Dist. 6, and Morgan Kennedy - Dist. 2 stand with Panama Springs residents and Addison.

Chico News & Review, Jan. 16, 2020 
"Guest Comment: Action needed on unaffordable rents"

"Everyone knows the rent is too high, but only the staunchest propertied interests deny this is a profound moral problem. Paradise burns down, so now you owe your landlord more.

"Where the self-styled 'housing providers' win us over is in the cold-blooded compulsion. In other words, it’s an economic problem. We get investment in luxury suites and fancy remodels, they tell us, or we get no investment at all. We pay the post-fire rent hike or we get no home at all.

"The idea of a public alternative—housing that puts provision over profits—is either plainly unfamiliar to or dogmatically opposed by our local political establishment. Instead, they puzzle over how to get self-interested financiers to make Chico affordable for us."

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Articles and Letters to the Editor by Addison
and other cited works


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