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Meet Addison


Like in other cities across the nation, a new breed of youth is emerging in Chico — ecologically conscious, progressive, urbanist, and full of hope for a future where we confront the enormous crises of our time by building a better world together as friends and neighbors. 


Addison is a social movement candidate aligned with these new trends. 


Raised in Chico and Paradise and seasoned by traveling and living in cities across North America, he is both personally affected by recent climate disasters and has the knowledge, expertise, and gracious attitude to help Chico become the Green City of the North State.


Addison believes in more housing, less sprawl, and better neighborhoods for all. He is willing to take on the vested interests that are preventing Chico from achieving these goals, whether it’s the landlords taking advantage of the fires by raising rents and refusing tenants, or those who oppose Chico being open and willing to help our neighbors displaced by local disasters. He wants to fight for the ordinary working people of Chico and Butte County who deserve a city free from houselessness, poverty, and natural disaster. With your help, we can make it happen.    

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