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Butte County Healthcare Coalition - North State Medicare for All

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County Officials' 

Tami Ritter, Butte County Supervisor

Debra Lucero, Butte County Supervisor

Alex Brown, Chico City Councilmember

Scott Huber, Former City Councilmember

Audrey Denny, former District 1 Congressional Candidate 

Max Steiner, District 1 Congressional Candidate

Chico Mayoral

Scott Gruendl, Former Chico Mayor

Karl Ory, Former Chico Mayor

Ann Schwab, Former Chico Mayor

Andy Holcomb, Former Chico Mayor

Michael McGinnis, Former Chico Mayor

Dave Guzzetti, Former Chico Mayor

Chuck Nelson, Former Chico Mayor

Scott Gruendl
Former Chico Mayor

"You are a good man, Addison, and your politics are very similar to mine, your take on the current situation, on the developers, and on the state of the city as an organization are right on. There is no doubt in my mind that you too love Chico for it truly is a special place and more importantly, you recognize how fragile it really is and the need to take it back. Addison Winslow, in my opinion, is exactly what Chico needs and I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy and encourage all Chicoans in his district to give Winslow their vote. A vote for Addison Winslow is a vote for a better Chico. Keep up the great work, continue to give my fellow Chicoans a reason to hope, and make a difference where something different is so sorely needed!"


Bryce Goldstein, Former Chico Planning Commissioner

Rich Ober, Chico Planning Commissioner

Dennis Deromedi, Chico Planning Commissioner

Jon Luvaas, Former Chico Planning Commissioner

Mark Stemen, Climate Action Commissioner

Bryce Goldstein
Former Planning Commissioner

"Addison has the knowledge and passion needed to make Chico a better place for everybody. We met while advocating for City Council to enact better housing policy, and we've been volunteering together ever since. I'm so proud to endorse him!"

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